Wire Wheels Buying Guide: Must-Have for Old School Lowriders

Regardless of what is under the hood, the most important pieces of real estate on your car are the four small pieces of rubber that grip the road. Those few square inches can change everything. Wire wheels are the modern take on the wood-spoked wheels of motorized carriages. Today, these beauties have become the crown jewel of lowriders around the globe. History of Wire Wheels At its most basic, a wire wheel is one where the rims are connected to the hub by a series of wire spokes. If you’ve seen a bike tire, you [...]

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Lowrider Hydraulics: How It All Works & The Customization Culture Behind It

You always hear them coming before you see them. Shiny and rumbling, they turn heads wherever they go. From the paint job to custom dance moves, lowriders growl their way into parking lots, side streets, and even down Main Street, USA. As long as people have been modifying and customizing cars, they have been raising or lowering the suspension to change the way a car looks and/or performs. This hobby in the 1940s and 1950s gave birth to the hot-rod culture. Lowrider hydraulics enables the body and wheels of the car to be electronically [...]

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Air Ride Suspension vs Hydraulics: Comparing Airbags to Hydraulic Kits?

Whether you’re an automotive enthusiast, or you’re just in the market for a smooth ride, you’ve probably heard of air ride suspension. This new suspension system is taking the automotive world by storm because it gives one of the most smooth and stable driving experiences available today. It’s become one of the most popular choices for luxury cars, SUV’s, hotrods, lowriders, mini trucks, and just about any show-stopping, smooth-riding beauty on four wheels. How Does it Work? An air ride suspension simply replaces coil springs with flexible, rubber, pressure-filled bags of air. These bags [...]

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