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Owner: Robert Fletcher
Model: 1961 Cadillac Fleetwood
Modifications: 4 CCE Fatboy Pumps, 10 Switches, 4 CCE Accumulators, 8/10" Cylinders, 1/2" Hoses & Fittings, 6 Batteries, 12 Solenoids, 0-2 Gauge Wiring, 4- Parker 1/2" Check Valves

Owner: Patrick Crisp
Model: '95 Chevy S-10
Modifications: 2 Pump Competition Kit, Front: Super Strokers, Rear: Super Strokers w/ Swivel Cups, Mini Coil Springs, Custom C-Notch, Wishbone & 3 Link. Battery Rack & Hold Down
Wheels: 17"

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